My Wife, My Family , My Stroke (Perception is Perception:Awarement is Reality)

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Six years  earlier the doctors had told my wife(Theresa) she had 18 months to live, she was diagnosed Stage 4 cancer. She is now is full remission.  A women like her mother, she never drank and never smoked.

On June 3, 2014 I had a brain stem stroke(PONS)

I have always told my daughters “Men are idiots”, and apparently I have proven it, here is an example:

5:00 Monday evening my arm start twitching and doesn’t stop.

7:00 Monday arm still twitching, my wife(beautiful, wonderful, courageous  and wise) Tessie, says “Let me take you to the hospital”, of course like any normal “man” I say “Nah it no big deal”

11:00 PM Monday. I take a conference call and notice my left arm and leg are a little numb, obviously I take an aspirin and go back to bed.

5:00 AM Tuesday I plan to catch flight , my wife intervenes and I stay home.

7:00 AM Tuesday I take another conference call, by now I am limping and can’t hold a cup of coffee in my left hand.

8:00 AM Tuesday My wife now says we are going to the  hospital.

8:30 AM Tuesday in hospital I am informed I had a Pons (Brain Stem Stroke) I can now no longer move my left leg or arm and have pretty slurry speech. As a bonus the doctors tell me if I had come in within 5 hours of the first symptom , they may have been able to help, but now it too late.

11:00 PM Thursday I pass out in a diabetic coma in front of my wife and daughter(Victoria), after frantic activity I end up in the ICU, back to square one.

Many illnesses happen in slow motion, this episode of unconsciousness(coma) came very suddenly, if it were not for Tessie’s calmness , control , faith in God and knowledge I am sure I would not be here.

The nurse were unsure what to do , apparently they had given me an extra dose of insulin and very slow to respond.

My wife Theresa(Tessie) with  Victoria’s help literally had to keep me alert and practically drag me to the ICU over the nurses objections.  You know its bad when the nurses are asking you wife for the “Power of Attorney”, which of course she had already given them, and they had lost it.


…..25 days later (Diabetics Coma, ICU, Rehabilitation, multiple brain scans , seizure scans, seizures, diarrhea) I am released on the condition I use a walker. Since then I have graduated to a cane,.

I am very lucky I am left with hemiparesis(weakness left side) and double vision(right side)

For 25 days …….. , 25 DAYS …….. my wife(Theresa)  and my entire family never left my side(day of night):

Theresa(Wife, Soul Mate, My everything), Christina(Daughter #1, The Rock). Victoria(Daughter #2, Brainiac ),Julia(Grandaughter #1, Angel sent from heaven),Brandon(Son in Law),Jack (Grandson #1),Jacob(Grandson #2)

Life Summer 2010



Tessie and our family at St Mary’s in earlier times.




As a man, husband, father and grandfather I have tried to be up to the tasks in providing for my family, sometimes meeting them many times falling short, in my eyes.

My wife led a family effort that as I write about it  and remember it I  am overwhelmed and  tearful. I wish I could say I deserve this , but I can’t I was not good enough.


The reality is that we grow older we grow wiser, not through knowledge alone, but through experience.

Apparently Pavlov was “more right” then Plato(Allegory of the Cave). Perception is not reality, Awarement is reality and it come through pain.

This experience has given me the opportunity to eliminate any remnants of ego and permanently instilled a sense of humility. Countless time during my 25 day stay, my family(ALL OF THEM) helped my dress, eat , go to the bathroom(with diarrhea).

As I said one point I went into a coma , low insulin and needed to receive emergency treatment and go to the ICU, it was one  many very traumatic experiences and my wife Tessie never faltered, kept her faith and strength and brought me back.


Epilogue: At one point I had to prove my cognitive skills were still intact, being that my wife and daughters have a small consulting company Actuality Business Intelligence we collaborated on creating an assessment and power point on how to improve the rehabilitation scheduling system and patient/therapist flow, from my perspective anything that made rehab like work was good.


To be clear my hospital room was family “Grand Central Station”



This post is dedicated to you , I love you with all my heart and soul, forever and ever. God has truly blessed me with you as my soul mate and to receive your love and care.

Your eternally grateful husband  –  Ira



Ira Warren Whiteside









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Guerrilla MDS MDM The Road To Data Governance

Watch “Guerrilla MDS MDM The Road To Data Governance” by @irawhiteside on @PASSBIVC channel here: #SQLServer #SQLPASS

For tomorrow’s MDM you must be ready to embrace Agile Iterative and/or Extreme Scoping in order to fully realize the benefits and learn the constraints of MDS

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Creating a Metadata Mart via TSQL – Complete Data Profiling Kit – Download



With Data Profiling can apply the age old management adage “You get what you inspect, not what you expect” Readers Digest.

This article will describe how to implement a data profiling dashboard in Excel and a metadata repository as well as the TSQL required to load and update the repository.

Future articles will explore the data model as well as column and table relationship analysis using the Domain profiling results.

Data Profiling is essential  to properly determine inconsistencies  as well data transformation requirements  for integration efforts.

It is also important to be able to communicate the general data quality for the datasets or tables you will be processing.

With the assistance over the years of a few friends(Joe Novella, Scott Morgan and Michael Capes) as well as the work of Stephan DeBlois,  I have created a set of TSQL  Scripts that will create a set of tables that will provide the statistics to present your clients with a Data Quality Scorecard comparable to existing vendor tools such as Informatica , Data Flux , Data Stage and the SSIS Data Profiling Task.

This article contains a  Complete Data Profiling Kit – Download (Code, Excel Dashboards and Samples) providing capabilities similar to leading vendor tools, such as Informatica, Data Stage, Dataflux etc…

The primary difference is the repository is open and the code is also open and available and customizable. The profiling process has 4 steps as follows:

  1. Create Table Statistics – Total count of records.
  2. Create Column Statistics – Specific set of statistics for each column(i.e… minimum value, maximum value , distinct count, mode pattern, blank count, null count etc…)
  3. Create Column Domain Statistics – domain count(count of unique vales),domain pattern(SSN=999-99-9999,ZIP =  99999-9999)

Here is a sample of the Column Statistics Dashboard: There are three panels show one worksheet for a sample “Customers” file.

Complete Dashboard:


Column Profiling Dashboard 1-3:


 Column Profiling Dashboard 2-3:


Column Profiling Dashboard 3-3:


Domain Analysis:


In the example below you see an Excel  Worksheet that contains a pivot table allowing you to examine a columns patterns , in this cse Zip code, and subsequently drill into the actual values related to one of the patterns. Notice the Zip code example, we will review the pattern “9999”, or Zip code with only 4 numeric digits. When you click on the pattern og “9999” the actual value is revealed is

 Domain Analysis for ZipCode


Domain Analysis for Phone1




Running the Profiling Scripts Manually


The scripts support two databases. One is the MetadataMart for storing the profiling results, the other is the source for your profiling.

There are four scripts , simple run them in the following order:

  1. 0_Create Profilng Objects – Create all the Data Profiling Tables and Views

  2. 1_Load_TableStat – This script will load records into the TableStat profiling table

  3. 2_Load ColumnStat – This script will load records into the ColumnStat profiling table.  Specify Database, Schema and Table name filters as needed. Example, to profile every table names starting with “Dim” then change the table filter to SET @TABLE_FILTER = ‘Dim%. Specify the Database where the Data Profiling tables reside DECLARE @MetadataDB VARCHAR(256) SET @MetadataDB = ‘ODS_METADATA’ Specify Database, Schema and Table name filters as needed. Example, to profile every table names starting with “Dim” then change the table filter to SET @TABLE_FILTER = ‘Dim%

    SET     @DATABASE_FILTER = ‘CustomerDB’

    SET  @SCHEMA_FILTER = ‘dbo’

    SET  @TABLE_FILTER = ‘%Customer%’


  4. 3_load DomainStat – This script will load records into the DomainStat profiling table. Specify the Database where the Data Profiling tables reside DECLARE @MetadataDB VARCHAR(256) SET @MetadataDB = ‘ODS_METADATA’ Specify Database, Schema and Table name filters as needed. Example, to profile every table names starting with “Dim” then change the table filter to SET @TABLE_FILTER = ‘Dim%

    SET     @DATABASE_FILTER = ‘CustomerDB’

    SET  @SCHEMA_FILTER = ‘dbo’

    SET  @TABLE_FILTER = ‘%Customer%’


  5. -1_DataProfiling – Restart – Deletes and recreates all profiling tables

 Over at Actuality Business Intelligence LLC, we are offering a six month free trial of our Microsoft SSIS Data Profiling Data Flow Components completely unrestricted for SQL Server 2008R2/20012.


Complete the contact from below to receive a download link.

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Integrating Master Data Services Into The Enterprise


Excellent blog by Chris on the MDS underpinnings and Metadata.

Originally posted on Bluewater SQL:

A lot of what is typically discussed in regards to Master Data Services (MDS) revolves around either the Silverlight web-based interface or the Excel plug-in. What’s not often discussed are the back-end integrations scenarios for loading, extracting (querying) and the otherwise day-to-day management or reporting requirements a Master Data solution might involve. In this post, we will look at common integration scenarios and techniques for handling each within MDS.

Loading Data (Batch)

Out-of-the-box MDS has facilities to stage and easily load data in batch. For each entity (and hierarchy) you create, a staging table is also created. For leaf members the staging table takes the form of:

stg.<Entity Name>_Leaf


Data is then loaded directly to the table using a SSIS package or any other tool capable of writing to a SQL Server table. When all the data is loaded the batch can be started programmatically using calling a stored procedure…

View original 1,509 more words

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On MDM, Data Models and Big Data


Interesting discussion on MDM , Logical Data Models and Big Data , hashing around approaches.

Originally posted on Liliendahl on Data Quality:

As described in the post Small Data with Big Impact my guess is that we will see Master Data Management solutions as a core element in having data architectures that are able to make sustainable results from dealing with big data.

If we look at party master data a serious problem with many ERP and CRM systems around is that the data model for party master data aren’t good enough for dealing with the many different forms and differences in which the parties we hold data about are represented in big data sources which makes the linking between traditional systems of record and big data very hard.

Having a Master Data Management (MDM) solution with a comprehensive data model for party master data is essential here.

Some of the capabilities we need are:

Storing multiple occurrences of attributes

People and companies have many phone numbers, they have many eMail addresses…

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