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Getting healthy eating well staying alive

if you wanna be healthy , eat well , no diet , eliminate disease (Alzheimer’s, Type 2 diabetes, kidney, heart, etc,,) . Period.)just watch this one video I’ve done it. none of these diseases existed in the 1800s they came after the. Civil War introduced processed foods from 1865 to 1910 this was a experiment without INFORMED CONSENT we are being poisoned We are led to believe that medical treatment has improved that is true however if he CONSIDER LESS women dying in childbirth and children’s / infant deaths we are not living longer and the and the increase in the rate of these diseases has increased exponentially in the last 100 years only. keep in mind the planet is 5 billion years old SEED OILS QRE KILLING US Safflower oil, Corn oil, Canola oil, cottonseed oil, grapeseed oil, sunflower oil

Diseases of civilization are cause by excessive Seedoil‘s Consumption
Dr. Chris Knobbe

Truth about us, What we know.

excellent science based, fact based presentation on where we came from which is realistically a blend of Darwinism and intelligent design we still don’t know but it looks to me like now we’re at least letting signs come out and there are many things we don’t understand excellent presentation #DNA #information governance #artificialintelligence #AI #Misinformation #Darwinism #Data #Informationvaluechain #Data governance

Trial and Tribulations of MDM (Coming Soon)

Ira Whiteside / Jordan Martz / Victoria Stasiewicz

Advanced Matching for Business Categories(Terms) to Technical Artifacts(Data) in Relation to Master Data Management Governance and or Feature Engineering in Artificial Intelligence Modeling preparation.

We will be covering a top down(Business) and bottoms up Business driven methodology and tactical capabilities to the critical issue of associating Business categories/ dimensions to each other and subsequently transactions. We will include templates and code (Python/SQL/Databricks,etc…)….