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Currently medical guidelines and standards of care tell us and force doctors To recommend that Stan’s are good, cholesterol is bad, sugar is good, Sidor is good, saturated fat is bad. These have all been proven demonstrably fals, Our current nutrition is based on what government and medical Guidelines and standards of care that fat is bad. This is the direct cause of diabetes, obesity, and many metabolic problems.

In the 1400s if you believe the Earth was round and talked about you were killed.

What people have to realize is that what perceive as knowledge today in fact, may not be fact or knowledge tomorrow it has been that way for all time

You don’t have to be a scientist to realize that 150 years ago we did not have anywhere near astronomical rates of cancer, diabetes, obesity that we have now

What has changed is the introduction of seed, Government and the medical, and she makes like today behind Dr Ansel Keys telling us that Saturated fat that was bad. And cholesterol cause heart attacks This is false he was paid, The American heart association has revoked that claim In addition we’ve been to the sugar is OK that is salt. It lead to metabolic syndrome which leads to many Oregon, health problems, and diabetes. Tay What does it take for you to look back at 1,000,000+ years of life versus 150 years of experimental food, Created by industry for profit

As I stated in the 1400 people were killed because they did not follow the crowd and believe the Earth was flat, do you believe the Earth is flat This is only one example of many scientific facts that we hold today that Were presented over 100 years ago, and have been questioned strongly, if not disproved yet we hold why because they support certain political beliefs, or society beliefs, where is your intellectual freedom much less critical, thinking

‘Real wealth is good health’Mahatma Gandhi

It has taken all my life, I’m 67 and of course the journey I’ve been on for the last two years to realize the truth real wealth is good health

Nevertheless, through many years of listening to commercially, driven medical and nutritional nice, I destroyed my health Yeah, what’s amazing about our bodies is with three years of Finally the good advice for my Daughter Victoria. My health has been restored.

However, I did give myself a stroke in 2014 The fact that, even though I suffered a stroke, I continued to work flying around the country supporting my famiily t denying that the condition the stroke cannot be fixed

My point is health can be restored by learning The truth unfortunately, and the conditions disability caused by stroke can’t be undone My point is health can be restored fortunately, your brain from birth has ability to learn and adapt that I have done that thankfully, it is a part of our normal body. Acceptance is crucial to recovery one of the problems I had finally is acceppting where I’m at physically . I am exceptionally blessed and that my family still supports methat mentally the damage has been mitigated and corrected.

Where I go from here is based on the full awareness of my limitations I don’t know how long I have left but then again, I never did. I do know I have no expiration date.

Another observation is having hope we talk a lot about having having however, it is within our control to have as much health as possible

Knowing the truth will require investigation on our part, and we are suffering from many misconstrued facts and Manipulated information The third leading cause of death c is medicine and side effects. It is behind cancer and heart conditions.


My Stroke, My Life, My Daughter Victoria – Update 2023 – 10 years later, Self Governance for Health

I don’t want to bother you, however, I’d like to give you some info new to me and a recent surprising discovery.

In no way, I don’t mean this to be TMI however, you should know what you can find out yourself

Health update, 9 years post stroke after losing extreme amount of weight and changing my diet. On June 3, 2014 I had a brain stem stroke(PONS). Apparently I’m still alive

I’ve posted some Of this on Facebook, i’d like to add some more findings, discoveries and changes in my life. Let me say unequivocally there have been two women in my life with me life that are at the center the first my wife, Teresa Krebs and of course, my daughter, Victoria Stasiewicz

My wife Theresa passed several years ago, and I’d have reconciled that event However, since then there has been some fantastic news and surprising in some new challenges. Due to the stroke and my health improvement and, of course, Victoria

In the time I spent with my daughter and son-in-law in their home, my daughter gave a presentation regarding self governance for Health. This would come to be be a turning point in my life

The main premise is that with today’s tools and health devices, we can monitor our health very scientifically and accurately without a doctors intervention, or interpretation The conditions I suffered from were due to the food I ate and my lifestyle, no, DNA. It was not destined to happen I caused them, hence self governance. – Health..

Following Victoria‘s advice and counsel I am in very good health now. I have metabolic readings of it again that took myself, I can see for myself

I have lost over 100 pounds in the last 2 years. I didn’t go on extreme diet I just ate whole natural foods an actual proper human diet ,based on my daughters advice. In addition to that my blood pressure condition and diabetes2 went away, my eyeball shots and everything elsewent away in general. My health has now completely back to normal .

I have embraced her proposal, and would like to outline the results following

In addition when I started 280 pounds almost 300 I had high blood pressure, I had retinopathy in both eyes requiring two shots in each eye every six weeks I had early stage, kidney disease, and all the other medical problems associated

Also, I took several medication every day for these conditions of Cours Dan last two years no medication’s at alli

Along this journey, I’ve also done thousands of hours of research, and like many millions of folks, I have discovered, and proven that Victoria‘s advice was perfect and well thought out

No for “the rest of the story“ I am currently dealing with balance issues and speech issues basically, my brain did a reset because of the drastic changes in my health for the better frankly due to Neuro plasticity, I will recover it is important to realize the doctors will believe my condition is worse that is farthest from the truth, it is much I realize it’s with their training, It is ananomaly my losing weight and regaining health. I even had one doc say it was probably Cachexia – Muscle wasting However, it is not my blood work is fine is that they have not seen this as a result of the stroke rather not a person wanting to improve their health hallucinate

It took me a while to research that, but what is surprising is that they are both good news

Both caused by a conditions,known as stroke decomposition and vestibular dizziness

I suffered a stroke in 2014 right Pons Brain stem stroke my brain adapted with neural plasticity over last 10 years and I adapted to my disabilities, although I was continuing to degrade my health and weight through improper nutrition

Basically, I’ve confused my brain because it was used to that I weighed over 260 pounds. I know weigh 148 pounds. Hence, I have some balance and speech issues due to stroke, decomposition, and Vestaview dizziness

I am writing this, only to let people know that our current medical professionals are not equipped to treat us. Losing this much weight while, surviving from a stroke has it complications

This is not me getting worse. This is me getting better. Through Neuro plasticity my brain will adapt normally.

One very positive result is a now thinking and working like I did 20 years ago and incredible impact on my health has been the returning logical thinking . There are more results to eating real Whole Foods, then you realize As of two years ago, I eat only natural food

of course no sugar or alcohol or any processed food The reality is, it’s not worth it Perhaps if I would’ve known, I paid tension to the real Risk no the relative rest to Ted to see this with marketing and pharmaceuticals I would know how to continue obviously no amount of sugar, processed food or alcohol is worth stroke

There is much more to my learnings

. I would leave you with that. I’m still working as a data, governance consultant and writing books, and the improvement in my ability to think and cognition is incredible. There are many more benefits that come from Self governance– Health which I will outline in the future7 let me just say that in today’s society, there is a huge difference between “follow the science“ and real truth more important facts What Victoria has told me that today’s science, his interpretation by doctors with Me and will change overtime. However, you can see your own results make your own injections at least understand what you’re seeing versus just believe, having faith is important, but equally it is important to “trust, but verify”

That’s it right now. Thank you. Obviously, I will be going to the doctors but I will know what to expect. you get with you Inspect not what you expect and finally, obviously, the people closest to you and your life’s journey really matter

One more thing to harking back to my penis inside a video and the bases level. All of this is about extending an evolving business intelligence to artificial intelligence answer around the corner to Christian.

It starts with try again and loads and work hard we turn those word bird into actual words information to Jax Guy then within senses transformers we didn’t contact you at the senses within contact jassar‘s annual net any outcome is presented based on information and Maddie we are using better functions N maverick give availability develop in the last decade but can certainly still the same

In essence gun, that shoots is, it’s all about the information value chain

ChatGPT answer this?

This White line is the time that we recorded history ,the Blue area is Pre History. So comparatively, it’s like explaining your whole life by the last 30 seconds and of course convincing everyone that you had it all figured out .

One last note by the way, we’ve only been eating the processed food we’re eating now for the last five seconds 

Full stack, developer, or jack of all trades, master of none

Full Stack Developer

This is equivalent to asking ;someone to draft plans for your house pour the basement cement after digging the basement out , lay the bricks for the House  build the trusses for the walls and roof put the drywall in put down the trim install the cabinets and put in the lawn is the install the roof put up the the chimney , REALLY? 

Critical thinking, in data methods and modern data analytics

Finally, in current IT and AI ,I think we are missing the forest for the trees. Actually we have been throughout the history, we have been decoding, deciphering, and learning about Logical thought, thinking we several examples, like hieroglyphics, and Socrates, obviously two ddvergent examples, one of, of critical thinking and I think we are missing the forest for the trees. Deep platform language that this process is a plate is in large degree Arella logical process and what was learned 2000 years of history is much much more important and relevant and relevant We seem to focus intently upon big data data analytics, etc. we seem to forget that a relationships of transactions to our derived information and thought processes for our perception which is our reality and often that is misguided. We get caught up in pursuing the truth however, we forget that the truth, for one person may not be the truth for another person hence perception. It is not a question of whether it’s right or wrong. It’s a question of what is affecting your reality, do you really care whether it’s right or wrong or you care you can change and outcome. More to come….