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Awarement or Perception is Perception “Awareness is Reality” Part Duex

Recently our friend Andy Leonard had an interesting post. regarding his faith, changing priorities and achieving what I believe is “Awarement”, which I found inspirational and thought provoking.

“Awarement” is the established form of awareness. Once one has accomplished their sense of awareness they have come to terms with awarement.

As I have experienced many of us who are driven to love and provide for our families can get caught up in creating a “Perception” of ourselves to achieve greater income, normally through titles or recognition by our peers, and this can compete with our family time, due the “perception” it has higher priority.

As we gain success we achieve an Awarement of success and thereby a perception of success. however as times goes on and events overtake us our Awarement is changed due to our own self perception evolving, so the reality that was our perception is revised. “Perception is reality” I don’t think so.

My own transformation was few years back when Tessie and I faced death and through the grace of God moved past it.

Perception is Perception “Awareness is Reality

If I might suggest I have also studied some of the The Gospel of Mary as found in the Berlin Gnostic Codex, and find them helpful.


excerpt – – – –
8) And she began to speak to them these words: I, she said, I saw the Lord in a vision and I said to Him, Lord I saw you today in a vision. He answered and said to me,

9) Blessed are you that you did not waver at the sight of Me. For where the mind is there is the treasure.
10) I said to Him, Lord, how does he who sees the vision see it, through the soul or through the spirit?

11) The Savior answered and said, He does not see through the soul nor through the spirit, but the mind that is between the two that is what sees the vision and it is […]

I have included some of Platos teachings and writings in my exploration and understanding of “Awarement” via the Allegory of the Cave



Last but no least I also find Yoda quite interesting.

"Do, or do not. There is no try."

"Karo yaa na karo, koshish jaisa kuch nahi hai."