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Eat to LIVE , do not live to EAT

My journey to better health and the rest of my life, MINUS ==== 85 pounds, eyeball shots(needles), blood pressure meds, diabetes , they are all gone.

Pre Victoria

The ending and the beginning

It’s August 27, 2020 I’m 66 years old, and in very bad health..  My wonderful wife Tessie, passed away last night surrounded by her daughters and her grandchild.  I’m contemplating where to go from here I weigh 280 pounds, I get  Avastin shots in my eyes every six weeks,  I take blood pressure medications,  I take cholesterol medication walking is very difficult , I walk with a cane(BubbaStik).  I’ve have Diabetes Type II had two strokes, I get severe IBS(Irratible Bowel Syndrome) attacks.  I am still working , barely, Brandon and Victoria graciously take me in their home.

The beginning

In the beginning I started by just eating what Victoria ate meat, fish, salad, low carb.  Obviously I was very depressed.

Holy shit

I realize I lost 20 pounds in three months. I get laid off from work.


With Brandon and Vics encouragement I start a new consulting business.

I realize I’ve lost 75 pounds in six months

PERCEPTION is not reality, AWAREMENT is reality. More on our understanding on food and the dangers of following the food pyramid recommendations

I did not go on  a diet my daughter has an approach to nutrition, Victoria’s Self Governance for health. I began to study nutrition with Vic deeper and started eating more whole foods, UNPROCESSED meat, fat, and still some vegetables what I would consider normal human food than 10,000 years ago, I didn’t count or measure anything.

Perception vs. reality

I have researched nutrition extensively and have realized that the current food pyramid guidelines are ass backwards and inverted. I will lay out the details in a later post.


What now. I have started  a new consulting business, Brandon and Vic , my grandaughter Julia and best friend Jordan. Vic and Brandon got me a racing Terratrike , and I am moving in an apartment. We’ll see where we go from here.

Note: Yes I still drink Red Wine – Coppolla Claret

With ICE