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Cancer cannot be cured, “remission” is b#llsh#t, but you can LIVE and LOVE. “Perception is not reality, awarement is reality.”

My soulmate, my wife, my “partner“ the absolute love of my life passed away last year., NEEDLESSLY. Tessie and I put our faith in our doctors and Tessie as it should be put her faith in me, and I failed her. I didn’t cheat on Tess, I didn’t gamble, I didn’t lie, although I did drink too much, however every second of every day I feel I feel I failed.

Tessie and I survived the first occurrence of cancer in 2009. Once Tess was diagnosed she was able to take advantage of Avastin at the time a new type of immunotherapy., primarily because her idiot husband did not have insurance. Which the doctors credited with putting Tessie‘s cancer into remission, that was BULLSHIT. Eight years later I’m doctors in our regular visit told Tessie she was fine doing well and there were no signs of cancer, that was bullshit. 9 years later Tessie experienced sever back pain and was told she has sciatica, 10 years later Tessie and I were in the emergency room and it was discovered the test had multiple tumors kidney liver back ….

17 months later after much suffering and pain and at this point multiple tumors, my incredible wife passed away, and I feel as her husband.

As of today in 2021, cancer occurs in our bodies at the DNA levels. We’re told and led to believe that the issue of cancer is tumors, however it’s more basic than the issue was cancer is that are mRNA, copies are DNA to create new cells and when those cells are created they’re not coded with an expiration date. It isn’t widely known but our bodies create approximately 259 billion cells every day and in general they live only for three days, and then they die with the preschool describe date, If they don’t die, they form tumors and that is cancer.

The reason I say, that I feel I failed Tessie., is that if we would’ve not a relied on doctors and not relied on PURLEY faith and her husband would’ve done more research and realize that the only way to live longer with cancer, I emphasize the only way is to monitor and be aware of certain very low levels of substances that are accumulating in her body that can be tracked with things called cancer marker test, which generally are blood Tess’s case there is a very simple test called ACA 27/29 which basically measures the result of a certain enzyme in your blood and if that enzyme is add a measurement of 40 you’re OK, and Tessie’s case it was 4000.

In 2009 this it (CA27/29) was not revealed or taken by our doctors, and once I realized that after doing research we should’ve done years earlier Tess was told that they don’t want to do cancer marker test and they were not 100% reliable and that they wait for symptoms to occur, which in Tess’s case were massive tumors.

The point here is while they may not be 100% reliable like many things in life there can be an early indicator, even if it’s news you don’t want to hear trust me you want to know. My Tessie was fiercely independent, seriously protective of her children and her grandchildren and her husband , her family and relied on her doctors exclusively. She had “hope“ and “faith” in her doctors and God, Tess kept her faith in God however she was let down by her doctors and her husband.

The point of all this is for women and men who have been “lucky“ enough who have discovered you have cancer, you must and I repeat must get a test of your DNA and your mRNA understand mutations that exist because the various cancers she may experience and monitor them whether or not your insurance company covers his test they are critical, if you wait until a tumor

Our a wonderful daughter Victoria . who is of course supported by the worlds greatest son-in-law , has recently given a presentation to 6000 people extolling on the fact that you need to take your life your health your family and your priorities into your hands to monitor them to control them and to do everything you can to achieve the outcome you desire, obviously health and life, and love.

What frustrates me the most and why I feel I let Tessie down, is lack of knowledge which resulted from the lack of analysis. While Victoria was working on her presentation for the conference and emphasizing the need for analysis and information, in regards to meeting your health your life your goals, I realized this

Tessie is in heaven now, and I am here and thank God for Tessie‘s insistence on caring and protecting for her children and her grandchildren and her son-in-law and being protective and analytical throughout her life. However at this point I cannot stand by and not try to help informant increase awareness for other men and women that “remission“ is bullshit, there is no cure for cancer however if you monitor it and you catch it early when it’s at the cellular level and not at the tumor level you can continue to live your life experience the love of your family and your partner. there is no such thing as remission, you must get the INFORMATION you need to slow it done. You can’t prevent it, you can control it.

If anyone has any question , please let me know, I am not any kind of expert but as I tell my children “Perception is not reality, awarement is reality.”