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ChatGPT answer this?

This White line is the time that we recorded history ,the Blue area is Pre History. So comparatively, it’s like explaining your whole life by the last 30 seconds and of course convincing everyone that you had it all figured out .

One last note by the way, we’ve only been eating the processed food we’re eating now for the last five seconds 

Critical thinking, in data methods and modern data analytics

Finally, in current IT and AI ,I think we are missing the forest for the trees. Actually we have been throughout the history, we have been decoding, deciphering, and learning about Logical thought, thinking we several examples, like hieroglyphics, and Socrates, obviously two ddvergent examples, one of, of critical thinking and I think we are missing the forest for the trees. Deep platform language that this process is a plate is in large degree Arella logical process and what was learned 2000 years of history is much much more important and relevant and relevant We seem to focus intently upon big data data analytics, etc. we seem to forget that a relationships of transactions to our derived information and thought processes for our perception which is our reality and often that is misguided. We get caught up in pursuing the truth however, we forget that the truth, for one person may not be the truth for another person hence perception. It is not a question of whether it’s right or wrong. It’s a question of what is affecting your reality, do you really care whether it’s right or wrong or you care you can change and outcome. More to come….

Information Value Chain Story

I’d would like to discuss the information, value chain and how we interpret information. However since your here and, we have time , we don’t make decisions based on data or transactions we make decisions based on information, which is in essence thru visualization and trends,, which is the result of calculations, summarizations visualization of a tremendous volume of data.

It is an is important distinguish between data and information. our perception of reality and the information we make decisions on is based on, whether or not it is accurate. Information, quality or scoring often determine how far we would go. We don’t look at the detail, we don’t want to or can’t comprehend or understand, the detail of the information we want to understand trends that will lead us to decisions to change the trends. In the next article we will examine a client I had, and which I took this journey with much detail however, the focuses on high-level impactful decision

The Takeaway is that you need to understand causality not correlation you need to understand why things happen in essence. I in brutal honesty, which is that you understand what things you can change vs thing you can’t change how you gonna affect your future reaching your goal. We will be exploring this in detail step-by-step.