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Bright Insight – Lost City of Atlantis – Hidden in Plain Sight


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Aileron Technology more to come …. Phone: 716-997-2399 Email: John Indelicato – Founder

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Victoria (Whiteside) Stasiewicz – Bachelor of Science in Information Management – Herzing University 2018

Our daughter Victoria Stasiewicz graduated today and with your husband Brandon Stasiewicz. Theresa and I are very proud of Victoria and her incredible accomplishments.

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Chocolate cake, MDM, data quality, machine learning and creating the information value chain’

The primary take away from this will be that you don’t start your Machine Learning project, MDM or Analytical project with “data” analysis you start with the end business objective in mind. We don’t need to analyze data to know it is, it’s like oil or water or sand or flour. Continue reading

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(Father & Daughter) Data Governance

(Father & Daughter) Data Governance As proud parents Theresa Whiteside and I would like to spread the word to our daughter Victoria Stasiewicz will be speaking at the MDM Summit in San Francisco and add to that our congratulations on … Continue reading

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Data Lake or “dark water look before you leap”

After some intense analysis, I’ve come to the conclusion that the datalake concept is only marginally beneficial to a business.  Specifically to a business who has the need to collect clickstream data or track  web information and only if they … Continue reading

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Advanced  Fuzzy Matching via Record Linkage Methodology

This article will address the necessary steps for efficient data/record processing that includes a record linkage or fuzzy matching step. First we are going to define the matching process, well-researched solutions and inherent performance problem.    Any record linkage operation … Continue reading

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The secret path to Data Quality and Busines Clarity

The secret to implementation of data quality is to follow the path below, mainly very Business Driven and focused approach extremely iterative and collaborative The software or tools may change but the logical path, defined by identifying important business measurements required … Continue reading

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