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Currently medical guidelines and standards of care tell us and force doctors To recommend that Stan’s are good, cholesterol is bad, sugar is good, Sidor is good, saturated fat is bad. These have all been proven demonstrably fals, Our current nutrition is based on what government and medical Guidelines and standards of care that fat is bad. This is the direct cause of diabetes, obesity, and many metabolic problems.

In the 1400s if you believe the Earth was round and talked about you were killed.

What people have to realize is that what perceive as knowledge today in fact, may not be fact or knowledge tomorrow it has been that way for all time

You don’t have to be a scientist to realize that 150 years ago we did not have anywhere near astronomical rates of cancer, diabetes, obesity that we have now

What has changed is the introduction of seed, Government and the medical, and she makes like today behind Dr Ansel Keys telling us that Saturated fat that was bad. And cholesterol cause heart attacks This is false he was paid, The American heart association has revoked that claim In addition we’ve been to the sugar is OK that is salt. It lead to metabolic syndrome which leads to many Oregon, health problems, and diabetes. Tay What does it take for you to look back at 1,000,000+ years of life versus 150 years of experimental food, Created by industry for profit

As I stated in the 1400 people were killed because they did not follow the crowd and believe the Earth was flat, do you believe the Earth is flat This is only one example of many scientific facts that we hold today that Were presented over 100 years ago, and have been questioned strongly, if not disproved yet we hold why because they support certain political beliefs, or society beliefs, where is your intellectual freedom much less critical, thinking

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