‘Real wealth is good health’Mahatma Gandhi

It has taken all my life, I’m 67 and of course the journey I’ve been on for the last two years to realize the truth real wealth is good health

Nevertheless, through many years of listening to commercially, driven medical and nutritional nice, I destroyed my health Yeah, what’s amazing about our bodies is with three years of Finally the good advice for my Daughter Victoria. My health has been restored.

However, I did give myself a stroke in 2014 The fact that, even though I suffered a stroke, I continued to work flying around the country supporting my famiily t denying that the condition the stroke cannot be fixed

My point is health can be restored by learning The truth unfortunately, and the conditions disability caused by stroke can’t be undone My point is health can be restored fortunately, your brain from birth has ability to learn and adapt that I have done that thankfully, it is a part of our normal body. Acceptance is crucial to recovery one of the problems I had finally is acceppting where I’m at physically . I am exceptionally blessed and that my family still supports methat mentally the damage has been mitigated and corrected.

Where I go from here is based on the full awareness of my limitations I don’t know how long I have left but then again, I never did. I do know I have no expiration date.

Another observation is having hope we talk a lot about having having however, it is within our control to have as much health as possible

Knowing the truth will require investigation on our part, and we are suffering from many misconstrued facts and Manipulated information The third leading cause of death c is medicine and side effects. It is behind cancer and heart conditions.


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