On MDM, Data Models and Big Data

Interesting discussion on MDM , Logical Data Models and Big Data , hashing around approaches.

Liliendahl on Data Quality

As described in the post Small Data with Big Impact my guess is that we will see Master Data Management solutions as a core element in having data architectures that are able to make sustainable results from dealing with big data.

If we look at party master data a serious problem with many ERP and CRM systems around is that the data model for party master data aren’t good enough for dealing with the many different forms and differences in which the parties we hold data about are represented in big data sources which makes the linking between traditional systems of record and big data very hard.

Having a Master Data Management (MDM) solution with a comprehensive data model for party master data is essential here.

Some of the capabilities we need are:

Storing multiple occurrences of attributes

People and companies have many phone numbers, they have many eMail addresses…

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