Artificial intelligence versus the theory of chaos

I’ve been researching the science behind DNA and it’s ability to read stored organized and structured instructions/information and then for specifically designed processes in our bodies to create millions of components , with specific  functions capability of specific further processes, specifically designed processes and the highly  precise capability required to assemble a human based on those instructions(data) and processes.

It does not seem logical to me that people, especially people in IT and with a programing and data/information  background would believe that something as complex as processes that exist to create ourselves were somehow created by accident, or randomly. That’s actually like telling  a client or business managers, leaders that we don’t need to modify the software, that the software will be able to fix itself.

And by that I mean I know full well that we’re capable of DESIGNING software they can handle situations that we pre-designed it for , however to create software that will create as well modify itself or create output different than the original design we would call it artificially INTELLIGENT. There is no example, that I know of where we will realistically tell the client that we’ve created a program , say for a 3-D printer that will take in certain data and then if they wait long enough, It will by accident or randomly improve itself and more importantly create a whole new object  completely different than what it was designed to do 


This is an excellent  post that explains the details behind this concept.

 Evolution: Bacteria to Beethoven




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