SQL Saturday Madison #118

We had an excellent day at the Madison SQL Saturday #118. A big thanks to Jes @grrl_geek and the entire SQL Saturday #118 crew. We (Tessie & Ira) have been to many and this was one of the best very well organized and run. We had many great conversations and introductions. a special thanks to @sensware for a lively discussion and some enlightenment on the challenges of implementing both SSIS and in particular Fuzzy Matching, at our Data Profiling “Cows of a Spot” lunch.

Also thank to all who attended my presentation on Metadata Marts , Data Profiling and we thru in some advanced Record Linkage and Fuzzy Matching. I will be posting the code on the SQL Saturday #118 site today.

Also many thanks to Jesse Kraut who has done some absolute fantastic work in leveraging the SMO and AMO USING c#, which I included in my presentationYou can never go wrong with German Engineering.

If anyone has any question on the code , techniques , presentation or the MelissaData Data Quality components, please contact me iwhiteside@iwhiteside.com.

Last this was the first event staffed completely by our family , all budding BI and Data Quality practitioners.

Left to right: Christina Whiteside, Victoria Stasiewicz(Whiteside) , Brandon Stasiewicz, Ira Whiteside and my incredible wife Theresa Whiteside.



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