14 Responses to Creating a Metadata Mart via TSQL – Complete Data Profiling Kit – Download

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  4. ken feraris says:

    The link is not working….
    This article contains a Complete Data Profiling Kit – Download (Code, Excel Dashboards and Samples) providing capabilities similar to leading vendor tools, such as Informatica, Data Stage, Dataflux etc…


  5. Colin says:

    An excellent resource. Thank you very much for sharing.


  6. Alex V. says:

    Great work, thanks Ira. One small thing that can be added: table-level and column-level comments (from extended properties).


  7. internet speed test says:

    AOL, Prodigy, ɑnd CompuServe got hеre Ƅecame mainstream ɑnd tɦe web revolution waѕ inn full swing.


  8. James Searle says:


    Are you able to update the ‘download’ link. I am very interested in seeing what you have done here with the data, scripting and dash boarding in Excel.

    James S


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