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My Wife, My Family , My Stroke (Perception is Perception:Awarement is Reality)

Six years  earlier the doctors had told my wife(Theresa) she had 18 months to live, she was diagnosed Stage 4 cancer. She is now is full remission.  A women like her mother, she never drank and never smoked. On June 3, … Continue reading

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Creating a Metadata Mart via TSQL – Complete Data Profiling Kit – Download

With Data Profiling “You get what you inspect, not what you expect” Readers Digest. Complete Data Profiling Kit (Code and Samples) providing capabilities similar to leading vendor tools, such as Informatica, Data Stage, Dataflux etc… Continue reading

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SQL Saturday New York #158

Last Saturday August 4, 2012 we attended SQL Saturday #158 in New York. We (Tessie, Victoria and Brandon) were there educating folks on SSIS Data Quality for Melissa Data. For Actuality Business Intelligence and Melissa Data the event planning staff … Continue reading

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Advanced Fuzzy Matching,Similarity Matching or Record Linkage

Advanced SSIS Fuzzy Matching via Record Linkage Methodology – SQLServerCentral

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Awarement or Perception is Perception “Awareness is Reality” Part Duex

Recently our friend Andy Leonard had an interesting post. regarding his faith, changing priorities and achieving what I believe is “Awarement”, which I found inspirational and thought provoking. “Awarement” is the established form of awareness. Once one has accomplished their … Continue reading

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